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Designs in progress

All my works in progress will be shown here, I’m currently trying to set up my business while working full time as a pre production artist at Applied Image a printing company that is owned by Image One. My website is and will always be evolving as I’m building it in my spare time (which is very limited). I thank you all for your support in my path to being able to obtain the Health care I need for my back treatment, I hope you enjoy my art. I have many more ideas brewing and some in the works already...

I also want to thank all the incredibly talented musicians that inspire me to create this art! 

Love relentlessly and Celebrate the people you love!!

War "Pig"eons

Private Collection

Private Collection

These are some of my pieces I’ve done in the past for school, fun, friends, etc....

nothing is for sale at the moment, but contact me and prices can be negotiated.

self portrait